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Indian women experience menopause at around age 46, while in western countries, it occurs around age 51.1

87% women feel that menopause symptoms can significantly impact their quality of life.2

Find the severity of your menopausal symptoms using the menopause rating scale.

What is the severity of your symptoms at this time? Please mark the appropriate box for each symptom. For symptoms that do not apply, please mark ‘none’.3-5

  • Hot flushes

    Hot flushes, sweating

    (Episodes of sweating)

  • Heart discomfort

    Heart discomfort

    (Unusual awareness of heart beat, heart skipping, heart racing, tightness)

  • Sleep problems

    Sleep problems

    (Difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in sleeping through, waking up early)

  • Depressive mood

    Depressive mood

    (Feeling down, sad, on the verge of tears lack of drive, mood swings)

  • Irritability


    (Feeling nervous, inner tension, feeling aggressive)

  • Anxiety


    (Inner restlessness, feeling panicky)

  • Physical

    Physical and mental exhaustion

    (General decrease in performance, impaired memory, decrease in concentration, forgetfulness)

  • Sexual problems

    Sexual problems

    (Change in sexual desire, in sexual activity and satisfaction)

  • Bladder problems

    Bladder problems

    (Problems in urinating, increased need to urinate, bladder incontinence)

  • Dryness of vagina

    Dryness of vagina

    (Sensation of dryness or burning in the vagina, difficulty with sexual intercourse)

  • Joint problems

    Joint and muscular discomfort

    (Pain in the joints, rheumatoid complaints)

Submit your answers to check your menopause rating scale score
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